Award Winning Green Construction

Osada Construction is very proud to have won the 2014 Asheville Home Builders Association Builder of the Year Award. The award comes in the wake of having a featured home in the 2014 Asheville Parade of Homes which visitors explored at 37 Boulder Creek Way in the Falcon Ridge Community just minutes from Asheville.

This finely crafted home was constructed on a wooded lot with easy access to the community pavilion and walking trails; it features:

  • Spacious open floor plan with soaring 25 ft. vaulted ceilings and year-round long range views from expansive decks and expansive glass openings
  • 4 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath includes 2 master suites with private southwest facing decks
  • Gourmet kitchen with 36″ gas cooktop, second prep sink, pot filler, and large pantry
  • Granite countertops, hardwood floors throughout, custom all wood cabinetry, locally quarried stone fireplace, locally harvested trim and ceiling beams, designer tile and stone in bathrooms
  • Lots of storage, large closets, utility room on both levels, 8′ doors with oil rubbed bronze hardware
  • NC Green Built and Energy Star Certified – with multi zone efficiency air-conditioning and natural gas furnace, low-e insulated windows

See more of this beautiful new addition to the Osada Portfolio here.

Are Green Building & Sustainability Here To Stay?

Sustainability is increasingly mainstream, and LEED certification is commonplace in commercial design.

What started out as social responsibility is becoming standard business practice.

The last decade has proven that sustainability is hardly a trend. It’s more of a movement – and it’s happening from within. In a time of slow growth, many Asheville builders are shifting from fast and cheap to the affordable and sustainable model. It hasn’t exactly galvanized a non-start sector, but construction work, like construction materials, may improve as a result of sustainability standards. As commercial construction and new home building continues to comes back, it will come back stronger and greener than ever.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council, a private nonprofit in Washington that has administered the internationally recognized LEED (Lead-ership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building certification program since 1998, the green building industry has contributed more than half a trillion dollars to the US national economy from 2009 to 2014.

This means, without a doubt, that it’s safe to say that the ‘sustainability trend’ is moving away from being a trend and is now becoming commonplace and an integral part of commercial building design as well as private home design and construction.

A fortunate confluence of environmental awareness, rising energy costs and common sense has provided momentum for the green building movement, which has been embraced by engineers, designers and developers as well as environmentalists. What started out as social responsibility is rapidly becoming standard business practice, and it has been at Osada Construction since day 1.

A big part of this fast paced evolution and widespread popularity of improved building standards is the LEED rating system, a way to measure building sustainability. It has evolved to address a variety of building types and emphasizes sustainable site development, water efficiency, energy savings, material selection and indoor environmental quality. The rating system for new construction encompasses several levels: certified, silver, gold and platinum, depending on the degree of sustainability and carbon emissions removal achieved.

Osada Construction is Asheville's Green Building expert with over 20 years of experience. If you're looking for an experienced green building contractor for your next home or commercial construction project, contact Osada Construction today!

10 Benefits Of Working with a Green Builder in Asheville

There are many benefits to building a home with a green builder; some environmental and others economical. When someone with knowledge of the materials and systems that can be used in green construction is involved in every step of the design and development process for your new green building project, you will save critical natural resources and will have a home that uses less energy than a conventional home. There are several companies offering luxury home construction in the greater Asheville area are that market themselves as green home builders - few of them have the experience, portfolio, quality, and customer-service-oriented experience that you'll find at Osada Construction.

The following are 10 benefits of working with the Asheville Green Builders at Osada Construction.

Energy Savings

There are many new methods for saving energy in a home. From the way it is sited on a lot to the systems that are used to heat water, cool and heat the home, and the materials from which the home is constructed. All of these factors can affect the energy that is used. The Asheville Green Builders at Osada Construction will use extra insulation and triple pained sealed windows to save energy in your home. Osada also has established relationships with Asheville's best solar energy contractors and can include solar PV and Solar Thermal energy options in your home plans.

Water Conservation

A luxury home that uses water as efficiently as it uses power can be a large factor on annual costs of ownership. Toilets can be used that are low flush, water saving showerheads, high effiiciency clothes washers and low water use dishwashers can help save thousands of gallons of water a year.


Using materials that are sustainable such as lumber, bamboo, recycled materials, Hardee board siding, sheep’s wool, concrete and cork, are but a few materials used by the green home builders at Osada Construction.

Insulation Value

How well a house is insulated is a big factor in its energy use. The Asheville Green Builders at Osada will know what type and amount of insulation will be required in the construction of your new home and will plan accordingly. A well insulated Osada home will keep you cool during our hot NC summers and warm through our cold mountain winters.

Indoor Air Quality

There is more emphasis placed on the airflow in a green house. Whether the system is passive in your luxury home, using convection for airflow or active, using electrical powered fans, airflow in a green home provides cleaner air than a conventional home. When coupled with low emission materials, such as bamboo flooring and concrete countertops, the amount of toxic chemicals within the home are lowered.

Tax Benefits

Not to be overlooked, there are tax benefits to using sustainable building practices to construct your new home. There are some local and federal tax breaks for building green.

Long Term Cost Savings

In many cases, sustainable new home construction by an Asheville Green Builder may cost slightly more than that of a conventional house. However, these up-front costs will come back to you over time in overall energy and water savings.

Resale Value

Due to the unique quality construction of a green luxury home, built by a green home builder, the value of your property will be greater in the long run. Many of the homes built by Osada Construction offer owners instant equity even with the smallest of down payments because there is tremendous value in green building. Because not all new home builders have the foresight to use green building practices, a properly constructed sustainable home can be sold at a premium in today's market.  

Net Zero Capabilities

By going a little further in the planning of your green home, it can be made into a home that is net zero. This occurs when you have a home that produces its own energy with wind, solar or hydroelectric power that enables the owner to sell back energy to the power company. These upgrades will add to the initial cost of the home, but the long-term savings can be very large.

Personal Satisfaction

The personal satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your part to preserve the environment is a very good reason to use a green home builder. Osada Construction has one of Asheville's highest customer satisfaction rates and there's a clear correlation to the pride that owner, Matt Osada, takes in his work. If you're interested in building a new sustainable luxury home in the Asheville area, call 828.606.5295 to find out how Osada Construction can help you through every step of the process.

Western North Carolina's Green Builder

Osada Construction is proud to be members of both the Western North Carolina Green Building Council and the Green Built North Carolina program. We have extensive experience in many efficiency systems and can offer guidance and execution in any green project regardless of size or complexity.

Some of the homeowner benefits associated with green building are:

  • Lower Energy Bills: through energy efficient lighting, equipment, and appliances
  • Healthier and Comfortable Indoor Environment: consistent temperatures and reduced risks
  • Increased Market Value: higher resale value of a home
  • Financial Tax Incentives: state and federal tax credits for renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Performance Report: third party verification quantifying the home's overall energy score, annual energy cost savings, and pollution prevention
  • Reduced air pollution through energy efficiency