Spring Home Maintenance Projects


Winter has thawed and Spring is officially here. It’s time to check your home for any winter damage, make repairs and prep your home for Spring. Here are a few items to check.

  1. Clean and Check Your Gutters- After the leaves have fallen from the Fall season and winter snow has come and gone you can have a gutter full of gunk. Cleaning them out keeps those spring rains moving freely.

  2. Reseal Exterior Woodwork: Decks, arbors, mailbox posts and handrails all need attention after getting beat up from winter. Resealing is recommended every 2 years but once a year will keep them in top notch shape.

  3. Pressure Wash and Paint: If you’re planning on repainting your exterior Spring is the time to do it.

  4. Call to have your sprinkler and irrigation system checked: If you have sprinklers and or irrigation systems make sure to have your service provider come out for a check. This will save water and money.

  5. Have your screens and exterior windows cleaned: Have any holes repaired, all the pollen blow off and windows cleaned so you can see those beautiful Spring days clearly.

  6. Get your HVAC unit serviced: To get the most out of your HVAC unit have it serviced both in the Spring and Fall.