Brendan Wentworth: Superintendent and Quality Control Extraordinaire

Every Osada Construction home is equipped with both a project manager and a superintendent to oversee every aspect of the build from beginning to end. This ensures day to day operations run smoothly and quality control is met throughout the duration of the build. Building luxury custom homes in Asheville is no small feat, which is why we work to provide top-notch supervision on each of our projects. All of our project managers and superintendents have years of experience and unique talents and skills to provide exceptional service when working with our clientele to build custom, luxury dream homes.

One of our skilled superintendents ups the ante by providing exceptional quality control on each project he works on as well as a talent for carpentry; meet Brendan Wentworth. With nearly twenty years of experience in carpentry and eighteen in residential construction, you can trust that you are in good hands with Brendan working on your custom home. He is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in what it takes to build dream homes for our clients. All of this comes from the many years of experience he has in the field; from experience as a handyman and stage manager/set builder in high school, to working as a laborer in custom residential construction throughout college, to supervising projects for award winning homes with Osada Construction.

His day to day consists of supervising the construction of custom homes, scheduling subcontractors, and making sure jobs are completed. He strives to maintain the company standards for quality control and orchestrates all the different facets of construction in order to keep everyone focused on a successful end goal. When asked what his favorite part of the job was and why he likes working for OC, he tells us, “My favorite part of the job is watching a home be created from an empty lot and some piles of lumber. I have always been treated more than fairly, with Matt and all office staff always respecting my individuality and respecting my opinion as a craftsman.” At Osada Construction, we pride ourselves on the expertise our employees bring to the table and the many skills they possess.

Brendan Wentworth, Superintendent

Brendan Wentworth, Superintendent

When we asked Cory Wax, one of our Project Managers, to tell us about Brendan, he had nothing but wonderful things to say about Brendan and the work he does.

“Brendan is our most experienced superintendent. He is always going above and beyond on his responsibilities. I believe superintendents have the largest impact on the overall success of the build. Brendan is a very skilled carpenter, but his largest strength is his compassion for quality. I have never met anyone that is more passionate about doing his best. Brendan’s knowledge of everything construction make a very large impact in our company.  He is always a call away to discuss a problem, installation, code requirements, or just to lend a hand.  He can also carve one heck of a spoon!” Cory Wax, Project Manager.

Kyle Durkota, another one of our skilled superintendents also had great things to say about the work Brendan does, “The pride Brendan takes in building is unmatched, and contagious.” It’s characteristics like these that help keep our employees motivated and exceed our client’s expectations.

Off the clock, Brendan loves spending time with his family and getting outside to explore our beautiful mountains. “I like to hang out with my family and roll around in the lawn with my 2-year-old son.  We like to canoe, hike, camp, and pretty much anything else that gets us outdoors.  Food is my worst vice, hunting and whittling are how I relax.”

Building custom luxury homes for Brendan is something that he takes great pride in and when you meet him, you can tell. His hard work ethic combined with great skill and attention to detail is part of what sets us apart in Asheville. The way our employees work together to ensure quality control standards are met and expectations are exceeded is one of a kind, and we are very fortunate to have such an exceptional staff team.