Cory Wax: More Than Just a Project Manager

As one of Osada Construction’s trusted Project Managers, Cory Wax provides our clients with top notch service to build the luxury Asheville custom home our clients have been dreaming of. A native of Asheville, Cory spent his childhood exploring the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina and playing football, soccer, and golf for T.C. Roberson High School before moving to Boone, North Carolina to pursue degrees in Building Science and Appropriate Technology at Appalachian State University. After graduating from Appalachian, Cory moved back to Asheville and began his career with Osada Construction as a carpenter five years ago.

Through his perseverance, patience, and hard work ethic, Cory worked his way up to Project Manager as he began taking on more leadership roles. Founder, Matt Osada saw Cory’s strengths, talents, and willingness to learn and helped guide Cory through his transitions within the company. “Overall, Cory is talented and very dependable. Combined with his experience and likeable personality, he is a key part of O.C.’s success.” Matt says. Cory always puts his client’s needs first to ensure they stay informed and satisfied. He has a no-nonsense approach but is also very humble. These characteristics also extend to the way he works with his crews and subcontractors. Relationship building is a key factor in all his jobs, so he has a way of making sure his clients and his crews are both happy, while keeping the job on track.

“It’s as though every person Cory gets to work with, he ends up becoming friends with! He could probably build a house for the Grinch and come home with a happy customer at the end of the day. It’s nice to see my husband doing such a great job day in and day out, it really speaks to his integrity.” Says his wife, Simone. It’s characteristics and people like this that really make Osada Construction a superior luxury custom home builder in the Asheville area. It takes some very talented people to build magnificent custom homes and with that talent, comes a passion for what they do. When asked to describe why he loves what he does, Cory said, “I enjoy being a part of building a client’s vision while being able to work outside with great people. Every job is different and unique.”

Osada is one of the best companies to work for in the Asheville area and Cory believes that they stand out due to the very relaxed atmosphere they have built within the company. He tells us part of the reason why Osada is so distinctive in the industry is because of the measures OC takes to make sure customers and employees are well taken care of. “OC stands out mainly because of the people we work with and our employees. Matt is easy going and is as good of a boss you could ask for. Our employees really care about doing a good job and being part of the team. Cliché terminology, but we are very much a family style operation, everyone works together and looks after each other.” As Cory describes.

Cory and his wife Simone (left), Their dog Beaux (right)

However, when it comes to balancing out work and life, Cory knows when to switch gears and make time for his family and friends. “Balancing work and life can difficult when working in construction, there is always a lot going on and many different people working on different schedules. It is very easy to let the work overtake you, but I find it very important to set time aside and to turn off the phone and computer. It also helps that I spend a lot of time with my wife Simone and dog Beaux out in the woods somewhere where there isn’t any service.”

When Cory is not at the office or at a job site, you will most likely find him outside. Hiking, camping, fishing, exploring, you name it, he is probably out there on one of the many trails that wind through Western North Carolina or in the kitchen crafting a gourmet meal and home-brewed beer. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends, making them laugh. “If you need to know where to hike or camp, Cory is the resource. I think he knows every trail in WNC! Cory also has a great sense of humor.” Matt says.

If you have had the opportunity to work with or meet Cory you probably already know what a joy it is to be in his presence, but if you have not, you certainly won’t be disappointed.