Matt Osada: Business Owner, Husband, Father

Matt Osada is a passionate entrepreneur, having started Osada Construction back in 2008 fueled by his desire to be independent and eagerness to build luxury Asheville custom homes. However, building wasn’t just something he fell into, it is something that has been a part of his life since he helped his father finish a room in their basement in 1988. While he was in High School at TC Roberson, he worked in construction over summer breaks with his best friend’s father who was a general contractor in Asheville. Following high school, he went to NC State where he earned degrees in both Civil and Environmental Engineering.

He began his career in the commercial building industry as a superintendent and site engineer building churches, police stations, parking garages, and historical renovations before switching gears and getting his start in residential production. In the span of two years, he acquired experience building fifty homes before finally starting his own business. What began as a small project at home with his father has grown into a thriving business.

Building dream homes for his clients is something he prides himself on, as these homes are some of the most exquisite homes in the Asheville metro area. He finds the process rewarding and fulfilling, knowing that he is helping his clients leave their legacy here in Asheville, while also ensuring his employees are happy and gaining valuable experience. Matt leads his team inspired by his own family dynamics, making sure everyone is held accountable and believes everyone plays an important role with an understanding that they are all in it together. He also encourages a healthy work/life balance, noting, “I understand when to flip the switch and dedicate my time to other things and people that matter outside of work.” With the support of his wife Sasha and their children, Ella Jane and Grant, he understands the importance of making time for his family. “My family means everything to me. They have helped me grow as a person to be more patient, generous, kind, understanding, and humble. I love that my family loves me no matter what, unconditionally.”

Matt, Sasha, Ella Jane, Grant, and their golden retriver Murphy

Matt, Sasha, Ella Jane, Grant, and their golden retriver Murphy

He and his wife Sasha are also both entrepreneurs which present new opportunities for collaboration and encouragement. Sasha – a fine jewelry artist located in the River Arts District – explains, “Fortunately, we both share a passion for entrepreneurial adventures. Being present mentally, knowing when to find a solution or just listen is the balance that provides the moral support. It is both challenging and rewarding. Matt and I share many interests in the business and bring different strengths to the table. Through lots of communication, we figure out what keeps our interests alive and we collaborate to find support through teamwork." It is these characteristics that truly make them a creative and dynamic team.

Their children are also very proud of their dad, Sasha tells us, “Our children adore their Dad. His open arms and undivided attention makes them feel special. He provides a sense of security with his readiness to help or just listen. He manages to make them smile and giggle (most of the time) and they especially love how he schedules individually focused time with them in sports, hunting or a date night.” This is something that also shows in the way he interacts with his employees, making sure he is there to support them and listen to them, while also creating a fun and light atmosphere within the company’s culture.

When he is not in the office or at a job site, you can probably find Matt outside with his family and friends. Some of his favorite things to do are mountain biking, travelling, grilling, and heading out on the town with his wife. When asked what makes him happy, he said, “Being a dad and watching my kids grow up, being fit, spending time with Sasha (especially dinner dates in Asheville), seeing my employees enjoy their job, Nebraska football, church and prayer time, and helping others in general.”

Matt’s unique approach to business has certainly been influenced by his family dynamics, which is what really makes Osada Construction stand out in the custom home building industry here in Asheville and makes working with Osada extra special. As Sasha puts it, “His disposition has a perfect blend of intelligence, caring nature, and kindness. Don’t be fooled, his trust-worthy insight to business and life is quite dynamic and adventurous and keeps me on my toes.”