Osada Construction: From a Dream to a Reality

As a small but mighty local custom home builder in the mountains of Western North Carolina we are fabricating some of the most exceptional homes in the business. With owner Matt Osada at the helm, Osada Construction serves as one of the regions most renowned custom home builders. Based out of downtown Asheville, North Carolina, our team builds homes across the region, from Black Mountain to Hendersonville, and West Asheville. You can find our luxury homes almost anywhere you go in the Asheville metro area, in neighborhoods such as Falcon Ridge and Sovereign Oaks in East Asheville, Beaucatcher Heights in Downtown Asheville, and Homestead at Mills River just south of Asheville. Osada Construction has a broad footprint across one of the most beautiful regions in the nation.

2016 Asheville Parade of Homes Best in Show Award winner and Gold Craftsmanship Award winner.

2016 Asheville Parade of Homes Best in Show Award winner and Gold Craftsmanship Award winner.

It all began in 2008 when Matt had an opportunity to start his own business. At the time the economy had taken a nosedive, but with only a few prospects for remodel projects, he took a leap of faith and started Osada Construction.  Even when he faced financial hardships, he persevered to achieve his goals. This experience is why he appreciates where he is now with his success, which feeds into the characteristics of our diligent team. His tenacity and passion for crafting his clients' dream homes ensures that every build is held to the highest standards.

"It has been a lifelong goal to be self-sufficient and in control of my own destiny. It has evolved where O.C.  has created an environment for employees who can fulfill their goals in the custom home business while at the same time it doesn’t feel like a 'job'." Matt Osada, Owner, Osada Construction.

Matt has created a culture within our team that encourages employees to grow while also embracing them in a family-oriented atmosphere. It is this culture that provides a positive work environment, which is key to our success. Our philosophy focuses on building relationships with our team members, clients, vendors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Through this relationship building, we can craft a quality product, while upholding our integrity and customer satisfaction. Passion is another driving force in our success, Matt explains, "We believe in what we are doing. Building custom homes and providing lifelong residences for families is a special and privileged responsibility. Having a team of builders within O.C. has also created a bond and family-like atmosphere, which is rewarding for sure."

The Osada Team

The Osada Team

Our team is structured in a way that provides our clients with the best possible service. Led by Matt, our leadership team of Project Managers work to exceed expectations by providing their expert knowledge and management, driven by passion and integrity. Each project manager has had years of experience in the field and holds a firm belief in the power of positive client relations. They also bring to the table a wide array of skills and backgrounds, both within the field and outside of the industry. Some of those skills include architectural design and drafting, military service, environmental engineering, and carpentry. It is this diversity of backgrounds and skill that make our leadership team so unique. Coupled with their passion for what they do, they provide our clients with exceptional service.

"I’m passionate about what I do because my day to day tasks interest me. I also respect the fact that our clients are entrusting us with the bulk of the money they have worked their entire lives for, and to turn their vision into reality." David Tanner, Sr. Project Manager.

However, none of this is possible without our superintendents, the heart of our operations. "It is their role to be the eyes and ears on the job site every day to maintain the highest quality, make sure everything runs smoothly, find solutions to any problem that may come up, and make sure we stay on schedule." Explained Cory Wax, Project Manager. Visit any job site and you are sure to find a superintendent on-site managing every phase of the build. With our superintendents, we can guarantee each project meets our quality control standards while also securing the safety and cleanliness of each job site. All of our projects are equipped with double supervision (Project Managers and Superintendents), which is essential to the structure of each build. It is also the role of our PM's and Superintendents to be the face of Osada Construction in the field, upholding our integrity and building relationships with our clients.

Our clients are the foundation of our operations because they are entrusting us to build the home of their dreams. We establish clear communication from the beginning so that we can set expectations and review the overall scope and vision of the project. Robi Eckley, Ecko Manager, explains, "Setting a baseline for the project assists in taking the pressure off of our client making the build a more enjoyable experience. It also ensures that we are able to establish a deeply rooted personal relationship with our clients making them not just a customer, but part of the Osada Family." Our client-first philosophy combined with our culture of creating a family-like atmosphere is of the utmost importance because we work with our clients over several months from start to finish and even after the build is complete to make sure they are satisfied and well taken care of.

All of these aspects of Osada Construction are what make us distinctive within the custom home building industry here in Western North Carolina. Kimberly Thomas, Ecko Project Coordinator, sums it up nicely; "Osada Construction stands out in the industry for being a locally grown business with ties to the community. In addition, our award-winning record with Asheville Home Builders Association symbolizes the quality standards we build into every home."

Quality, integrity, professionalism, and efficiency is our mission. Best is our standard.