Are Green Building & Sustainability Here To Stay?

Sustainability is increasingly mainstream, and LEED certification is commonplace in commercial design.

What started out as social responsibility is becoming standard business practice.

The last decade has proven that sustainability is hardly a trend. It’s more of a movement – and it’s happening from within. In a time of slow growth, many Asheville builders are shifting from fast and cheap to the affordable and sustainable model. It hasn’t exactly galvanized a non-start sector, but construction work, like construction materials, may improve as a result of sustainability standards. As commercial construction and new home building continues to comes back, it will come back stronger and greener than ever.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council, a private nonprofit in Washington that has administered the internationally recognized LEED (Lead-ership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building certification program since 1998, the green building industry has contributed more than half a trillion dollars to the US national economy from 2009 to 2014.

This means, without a doubt, that it’s safe to say that the ‘sustainability trend’ is moving away from being a trend and is now becoming commonplace and an integral part of commercial building design as well as private home design and construction.

A fortunate confluence of environmental awareness, rising energy costs and common sense has provided momentum for the green building movement, which has been embraced by engineers, designers and developers as well as environmentalists. What started out as social responsibility is rapidly becoming standard business practice, and it has been at Osada Construction since day 1.

A big part of this fast paced evolution and widespread popularity of improved building standards is the LEED rating system, a way to measure building sustainability. It has evolved to address a variety of building types and emphasizes sustainable site development, water efficiency, energy savings, material selection and indoor environmental quality. The rating system for new construction encompasses several levels: certified, silver, gold and platinum, depending on the degree of sustainability and carbon emissions removal achieved.

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