Top Color Trends for 2019

Last year was all about bold, bright and metallics. 2019 is more approachable. Some of the favorite paint brands such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and PPG have released their colors of the year. If you’re looking for a home refresh try indulging in these new hues.

  • Energizing Coral- This is Pantone’s 2019 color of the year. They are calling it Living Coral. We love it broken up with orange and pink. This color is definitely energizing and up lifting. Throwing a pop of this somewhere is so much fun. We wouldn’t recommend really going too deep with implementing this into your home. Color Shown: Coral Reef | Sherwin Williams

  • Hunter Green- This timeless color earns respect and works wonderfully with natural elements and neutral tones. It’s the perfect balance of feminine and masculine. Color Shown: Hunter Green | Benjamin Moore


Pale Pink- Think of this color as a new neutral. This color can be easily mixed with a variety of other colors and is gender neutral. Color Shown: Pale Pink Satin | Benjamin Moore


Off Cream- This shade evokes a more minimalistic vibe. Think of basic cream shades with darker and more bold undertones. Color Shown: Balboa Mist | Benjamin Moore


Terracottas- Southwest inspired tones are huge for 2019. This color gives a more natural element to any home. Color Shown: Cavern Clay | Sherwin Williams


Almost White- You can’t get any more classic than a white palette. Forget the pure white colors and reach for “almost whites.” Color Shown: Decorators white | Benjamin Moore


Gray Undertones- Gray has been popular and is still in the lead for smart living choices. Color Shown: Black Panther | Benjamin Moore


Deep Moody Hues- Try incorporating these colors into custom built-ins and kitchen islands. Color Shown: Hale Navy | Benjamin Moore


Woodland Shades- Nature is a common theme for home decor in 2019. Bring in the mushroom grays and muted wood colors. Color Shown: Shiitake | Sherwin Williams


Brendan Wentworth: Superintendent and Quality Control Extraordinaire

Every Osada Construction home is equipped with both a project manager and a superintendent to oversee every aspect of the build from beginning to end. This ensures day to day operations run smoothly and quality control is met throughout the duration of the build. Building luxury custom homes in Asheville is no small feat, which is why we work to provide top-notch supervision on each of our projects. All of our project managers and superintendents have years of experience and unique talents and skills to provide exceptional service when working with our clientele to build custom, luxury dream homes.

One of our skilled superintendents ups the ante by providing exceptional quality control on each project he works on as well as a talent for carpentry; meet Brendan Wentworth. With nearly twenty years of experience in carpentry and eighteen in residential construction, you can trust that you are in good hands with Brendan working on your custom home. He is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in what it takes to build dream homes for our clients. All of this comes from the many years of experience he has in the field; from experience as a handyman and stage manager/set builder in high school, to working as a laborer in custom residential construction throughout college, to supervising projects for award winning homes with Osada Construction.

His day to day consists of supervising the construction of custom homes, scheduling subcontractors, and making sure jobs are completed. He strives to maintain the company standards for quality control and orchestrates all the different facets of construction in order to keep everyone focused on a successful end goal. When asked what his favorite part of the job was and why he likes working for OC, he tells us, “My favorite part of the job is watching a home be created from an empty lot and some piles of lumber. I have always been treated more than fairly, with Matt and all office staff always respecting my individuality and respecting my opinion as a craftsman.” At Osada Construction, we pride ourselves on the expertise our employees bring to the table and the many skills they possess.

Brendan Wentworth, Superintendent

Brendan Wentworth, Superintendent

When we asked Cory Wax, one of our Project Managers, to tell us about Brendan, he had nothing but wonderful things to say about Brendan and the work he does.

“Brendan is our most experienced superintendent. He is always going above and beyond on his responsibilities. I believe superintendents have the largest impact on the overall success of the build. Brendan is a very skilled carpenter, but his largest strength is his compassion for quality. I have never met anyone that is more passionate about doing his best. Brendan’s knowledge of everything construction make a very large impact in our company.  He is always a call away to discuss a problem, installation, code requirements, or just to lend a hand.  He can also carve one heck of a spoon!” Cory Wax, Project Manager.

Kyle Durkota, another one of our skilled superintendents also had great things to say about the work Brendan does, “The pride Brendan takes in building is unmatched, and contagious.” It’s characteristics like these that help keep our employees motivated and exceed our client’s expectations.

Off the clock, Brendan loves spending time with his family and getting outside to explore our beautiful mountains. “I like to hang out with my family and roll around in the lawn with my 2-year-old son.  We like to canoe, hike, camp, and pretty much anything else that gets us outdoors.  Food is my worst vice, hunting and whittling are how I relax.”

Building custom luxury homes for Brendan is something that he takes great pride in and when you meet him, you can tell. His hard work ethic combined with great skill and attention to detail is part of what sets us apart in Asheville. The way our employees work together to ensure quality control standards are met and expectations are exceeded is one of a kind, and we are very fortunate to have such an exceptional staff team.

Universal Design: Building Homes for Aging in Place

As a premier luxury custom home builder in Asheville, we consider the needs of our clients when it comes to thinking about their future. Aging in place is an important factor to think about when you are investing in your custom build and expect to continue living in your home as you age. Aging in place means you can maintain or even improve your quality of life by incorporating services or other means of support into your home that will provide you with necessary aspects to continue living in your home for as long as you are able to, as you age. This takes into consideration things like addressing physical restrictions that may already be present or that may become a factor in your life as you age. Such restrictions can include: reduced vision, risk of falls, risk of illness, reduced hearing and decreased mental and physical capabilities. With Asheville being a prime location for many people looking to build their dream homes and retire, we make sure aging in place is reviewed as an option when it comes to building custom homes.

How do we put this mission to work? We integrate Universal Design into our custom homes for homeowners who choose to age in place. While universal design and aging in place may seem like something that is limited to the elderly and disabled, it is becoming an increasingly popular way to build homes with younger consumers who are looking ahead to what their futures may hold. Despite what many may think, incorporating universal design into a custom home can not only provide sustained functionality but it can be integrated in aesthetically pleasing ways.

Some examples of incorporating Universal Design into a custom home are:

  • building wider doorways and hallways
  • one-story living
  • no-step entry
  • thresholds that are flush with the floor
  • and extra floor space

These types of floorplan attributes can provide a functional flow to a custom home while also maintaining an elegant look and feel. For instance, kitchen work surfaces that are designed at different heights can yield an aesthetically unique look while also providing long-term functionality. Even designing a no-threshold shower and including specifically placed blocking to potentially add a grab bar is a simple but effective way of introducing universal design into your bathroom. Another example is utilizing closet space; by stacking closets one on top of the other between floors, you are providing a way to add an elevator to your home if the need arises. Simple but effective. There are many possibilities when thinking of how to design your home to serve you for the rest of your life, which is why we are here to help you navigate what you may need in the future. We strive to provide our clients with a lifetime of functional luxury living, so that they may continue to thrive and enjoy their custom home as they age.

Aspects of Universal Design can be found in some of our custom homes. (Left) This shower is an example of a no-threshold shower, eliminating the lip removes an obstacle that could potentially pose a challenge for someone with limited physical abilities. (Right) This home also features a discreet elevator that one might otherwise think is just a closet.

Another one of our custom homes also features an open vanity that could accommodate a wheelchair if necessary.

Another one of our custom homes also features an open vanity that could accommodate a wheelchair if necessary.


Cory Wax: More Than Just a Project Manager

As one of Osada Construction’s trusted Project Managers, Cory Wax provides our clients with top notch service to build the luxury Asheville custom home our clients have been dreaming of. A native of Asheville, Cory spent his childhood exploring the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina and playing football, soccer, and golf for T.C. Roberson High School before moving to Boone, North Carolina to pursue degrees in Building Science and Appropriate Technology at Appalachian State University. After graduating from Appalachian, Cory moved back to Asheville and began his career with Osada Construction as a carpenter five years ago.

Through his perseverance, patience, and hard work ethic, Cory worked his way up to Project Manager as he began taking on more leadership roles. Founder, Matt Osada saw Cory’s strengths, talents, and willingness to learn and helped guide Cory through his transitions within the company. “Overall, Cory is talented and very dependable. Combined with his experience and likeable personality, he is a key part of O.C.’s success.” Matt says. Cory always puts his client’s needs first to ensure they stay informed and satisfied. He has a no-nonsense approach but is also very humble. These characteristics also extend to the way he works with his crews and subcontractors. Relationship building is a key factor in all his jobs, so he has a way of making sure his clients and his crews are both happy, while keeping the job on track.

“It’s as though every person Cory gets to work with, he ends up becoming friends with! He could probably build a house for the Grinch and come home with a happy customer at the end of the day. It’s nice to see my husband doing such a great job day in and day out, it really speaks to his integrity.” Says his wife, Simone. It’s characteristics and people like this that really make Osada Construction a superior luxury custom home builder in the Asheville area. It takes some very talented people to build magnificent custom homes and with that talent, comes a passion for what they do. When asked to describe why he loves what he does, Cory said, “I enjoy being a part of building a client’s vision while being able to work outside with great people. Every job is different and unique.”

Osada is one of the best companies to work for in the Asheville area and Cory believes that they stand out due to the very relaxed atmosphere they have built within the company. He tells us part of the reason why Osada is so distinctive in the industry is because of the measures OC takes to make sure customers and employees are well taken care of. “OC stands out mainly because of the people we work with and our employees. Matt is easy going and is as good of a boss you could ask for. Our employees really care about doing a good job and being part of the team. Cliché terminology, but we are very much a family style operation, everyone works together and looks after each other.” As Cory describes.

Cory and his wife Simone (left), Their dog Beaux (right)

However, when it comes to balancing out work and life, Cory knows when to switch gears and make time for his family and friends. “Balancing work and life can difficult when working in construction, there is always a lot going on and many different people working on different schedules. It is very easy to let the work overtake you, but I find it very important to set time aside and to turn off the phone and computer. It also helps that I spend a lot of time with my wife Simone and dog Beaux out in the woods somewhere where there isn’t any service.”

When Cory is not at the office or at a job site, you will most likely find him outside. Hiking, camping, fishing, exploring, you name it, he is probably out there on one of the many trails that wind through Western North Carolina or in the kitchen crafting a gourmet meal and home-brewed beer. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends, making them laugh. “If you need to know where to hike or camp, Cory is the resource. I think he knows every trail in WNC! Cory also has a great sense of humor.” Matt says.

If you have had the opportunity to work with or meet Cory you probably already know what a joy it is to be in his presence, but if you have not, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Bear Bardon: Built to Last, the OC Promise

One-Year Home Warranty | Bear Bardon | Osada Construction

Osada Construction offers a one-year home warranty for your luxury custom home. Our team has a Warranty and Punch List Manager; Bear Bardon, whose job is dedicated to making sure each home is in perfect condition and move-in ready at the end of the build.

Osada Construction: From a Dream to a Reality

As a small but mighty local custom home builder in the mountains of Western North Carolina we are fabricating some of the most exceptional homes in the business. With owner Matt Osada at the helm, Osada Construction serves as one of the regions most renowned custom home builders. Based out of downtown Asheville, North Carolina, our team builds homes across the region, from Black Mountain to Hendersonville, and West Asheville. You can find our luxury homes almost anywhere you go in the Asheville metro area, in neighborhoods such as Falcon Ridge and Sovereign Oaks in East Asheville, Beaucatcher Heights in Downtown Asheville, and Homestead at Mills River just south of Asheville. Osada Construction has a broad footprint across one of the most beautiful regions in the nation.

2016 Asheville Parade of Homes Best in Show Award winner and Gold Craftsmanship Award winner.

2016 Asheville Parade of Homes Best in Show Award winner and Gold Craftsmanship Award winner.

It all began in 2008 when Matt had an opportunity to start his own business. At the time the economy had taken a nosedive, but with only a few prospects for remodel projects, he took a leap of faith and started Osada Construction.  Even when he faced financial hardships, he persevered to achieve his goals. This experience is why he appreciates where he is now with his success, which feeds into the characteristics of our diligent team. His tenacity and passion for crafting his clients' dream homes ensures that every build is held to the highest standards.

"It has been a lifelong goal to be self-sufficient and in control of my own destiny. It has evolved where O.C.  has created an environment for employees who can fulfill their goals in the custom home business while at the same time it doesn’t feel like a 'job'." Matt Osada, Owner, Osada Construction.

Matt has created a culture within our team that encourages employees to grow while also embracing them in a family-oriented atmosphere. It is this culture that provides a positive work environment, which is key to our success. Our philosophy focuses on building relationships with our team members, clients, vendors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Through this relationship building, we can craft a quality product, while upholding our integrity and customer satisfaction. Passion is another driving force in our success, Matt explains, "We believe in what we are doing. Building custom homes and providing lifelong residences for families is a special and privileged responsibility. Having a team of builders within O.C. has also created a bond and family-like atmosphere, which is rewarding for sure."

The Osada Team

The Osada Team

Our team is structured in a way that provides our clients with the best possible service. Led by Matt, our leadership team of Project Managers work to exceed expectations by providing their expert knowledge and management, driven by passion and integrity. Each project manager has had years of experience in the field and holds a firm belief in the power of positive client relations. They also bring to the table a wide array of skills and backgrounds, both within the field and outside of the industry. Some of those skills include architectural design and drafting, military service, environmental engineering, and carpentry. It is this diversity of backgrounds and skill that make our leadership team so unique. Coupled with their passion for what they do, they provide our clients with exceptional service.

"I’m passionate about what I do because my day to day tasks interest me. I also respect the fact that our clients are entrusting us with the bulk of the money they have worked their entire lives for, and to turn their vision into reality." David Tanner, Sr. Project Manager.

However, none of this is possible without our superintendents, the heart of our operations. "It is their role to be the eyes and ears on the job site every day to maintain the highest quality, make sure everything runs smoothly, find solutions to any problem that may come up, and make sure we stay on schedule." Explained Cory Wax, Project Manager. Visit any job site and you are sure to find a superintendent on-site managing every phase of the build. With our superintendents, we can guarantee each project meets our quality control standards while also securing the safety and cleanliness of each job site. All of our projects are equipped with double supervision (Project Managers and Superintendents), which is essential to the structure of each build. It is also the role of our PM's and Superintendents to be the face of Osada Construction in the field, upholding our integrity and building relationships with our clients.

Our clients are the foundation of our operations because they are entrusting us to build the home of their dreams. We establish clear communication from the beginning so that we can set expectations and review the overall scope and vision of the project. Robi Eckley, Ecko Manager, explains, "Setting a baseline for the project assists in taking the pressure off of our client making the build a more enjoyable experience. It also ensures that we are able to establish a deeply rooted personal relationship with our clients making them not just a customer, but part of the Osada Family." Our client-first philosophy combined with our culture of creating a family-like atmosphere is of the utmost importance because we work with our clients over several months from start to finish and even after the build is complete to make sure they are satisfied and well taken care of.

All of these aspects of Osada Construction are what make us distinctive within the custom home building industry here in Western North Carolina. Kimberly Thomas, Ecko Project Coordinator, sums it up nicely; "Osada Construction stands out in the industry for being a locally grown business with ties to the community. In addition, our award-winning record with Asheville Home Builders Association symbolizes the quality standards we build into every home."

Quality, integrity, professionalism, and efficiency is our mission. Best is our standard.