ABOVE:  Robi Eckley and Matt Osada

ABOVE: Robi Eckley and Matt Osada

Ecko eliminates all the questions, unknowns, and surprises that can be associated with a typical build. Our streamlined process allows our clients the ability to choose from a wide variety of plans, customizing the design to your needs and lot specifications.

As a result of our pre-negotiated terms with preferred manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to maximize your spend and the choices within the program. We offer our clients a wide variety of options to choose, with many of the same products being utilized in our custom builds.

We are also able to maintain a faster pace and tighter building schedule, gaining efficiencies with each build. Our Subcontractors are provided with all specifications up front, reducing excess, wasted trips, and delays. By providing our clients more of the answers and an increased transparency, we reduce the stresses and deadlines making the building experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Within Ecko, each client is given access to our Client Portal, allowing full access to the program. Once logged in, you can choose and review the final floor plan, elevations, color pallets, finishes, and products at any given time. You will also have access to the overall budget, schedule, and documents. The Customer Portal increases transparency into our process, with the final contract number and an improved level of communication.
Keeping track of all correspondence on all topics of discussion ensures that everyone is accountable.

Ecko is our newest product and has allowed us the ability to offer our clients multiple options to address their needs. We have found it very useful for our out of town clients, making it a simpler way to access information regarding the build; receiving updates of both video, photos, and access to overall budget status. What we see is what you will see. We are very excited about this addition to the Osada portfolio and the advantages it offers our clients, by providing the quality of a custom build at a semi-custom price point. Let us know if you would like to know more about Ecko or see demo of Client Portal and how it benefits you.

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